All About Us

Deaf child sign

Regina Public Schools offers educational services for  the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 at Henry Janzen School. The goals of the Program are to provide a culturally responsive environment that enhances inclusion for students with a hearing loss. Access to language is the main goal of the program. Deafness itself is not a disability. Language deprivation causes delays and disabilities in communication, academics, and overall productivity.

The Regina Board of Education sets high rigors of standards to meet the following goals:

  • To program provides services and opportunities that allow for students to strive and meet their potential.
  • To provide the appropriate means and opportunities for students to strive and realize their potential.
  • To prepare the individual to function in the home, school, community and in the world of work through the development of communication, academic, and effective skills.

Some children will access spoken language through listening devices, some will access sign language using vision, and some will access both.  Students are encouraged to meet the challenges of the regular classroom curriculum while receiving the necessary support and assistance to ensure that students are able to reach the standard of academic achievement commensurate of their needs. Our program provides academic assistance through Resource Room programming and in class support.  The instruction that students receive is dependent upon the level of need and amount of differentiation required.

  Access Considerations
 Auditory access via Audibility/Speech Perception
 Visual access to communication in class (i.e., sign, text)
 Level of language of instruction
 Cognitive capacity (ability to process at rate of instruction)

Performance, Service Delivery, and Placement

2012 Karen L. Anderson, PhD ( & Cheryl DeConde Johnson,
EdD ( Instructional levels based on work by Mary Ellen Nevin 2011.

Teachers of the Deaf, Sign Language Facilitators, Speech Pathologists and outside agencies work together in a collaborative setting to best meet our students needs. The sense of community, self-advocacy skills, sign language instruction for both Deaf and hearing  peers and understanding of Deaf culture are also goals of the program.

hearning aid batteryAttention is also given to the acoustic environment. FM systems, sound field and systems, and support and general maintenance of hearing aids and cochlear implant processors is provided. Deaf and hard of hearing students are provided preferential seating and other services to make school life more accessible.


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